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Why Does AOL's Shoe Cutting Machine Bring A Comprehensive Solution To The Shoe Factory?
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Why does AOL's shoe cutting machine bring a comprehensive solution to the shoe factory?

AOL automatic shoe cutting machine is mainly for customers to solve a variety of more complex sample cutting, cutting shoe production, suitable for shoe factory plate, material, cutting use. AOL automatic shoe cutting machine, computer operation, easy to learn, easy to maintain, really solve the troubles in the model cutting for the shoe factory, the machine realizes intelligence, brings more all-round to the shoe factory s solution.

 The use of shoe cutting machine: widely used in the footwear industry, mainly used for shoe cutting, shoe mold and shoe sole processing, intelligent typesetting, automatic discharging, not only can cut leather, fabric and other materials, but also can cut whiteboard jam , red cardboard and PVC and other materials.

 Intelligent typesetting system: quick typesetting, saving time and effort; intelligent cutting, beautiful and time-saving, so that the factory saves the cost of the die, saves costs while the product can be quickly put into the market, create greater benefits for the enterprise, better adapt to market changes, meet client needs.

AOL number control shoe cutting machine


AOL's shoe cutting machine cutting process:

 1. Sample input: Scan the shoe version once with a scanner, and convert the sample into a sample line with one button on the computer.

 2, design function: convenient and fast design of the half-face version, freely extract the required shoes from the half-face version, automatically add edges, variable plus edges, arbitrarily arranged dot matrix, group sharing designation and standard icons to simulate ranking.

 3, the level of the function: level release a full set of samples only takes a dozen seconds, accurate and fast.

 4, pattern editing: with a variety of practical special graphics, wavy line editing, graphics viewing, graphics call and measurement functions.

 5. Sample output: After the sample level is released, the software automatically formats and draws the cut, and automatically memorizes the position of the drawn cut pattern, saving material and being practical.

AOL is one of the famous professional shoe cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. The price of shoe cutting machine is suitable.