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Principle Of Laser Cutting Machine
- Mar 02, 2016 -

First laser energy in form of light is concentrated into a high-density beam, passing beam to the surface, producing enough heat, melting the material, combined with high pressure gas beam coaxial drop molten metal directly, so as to achieve the objective of cutting, it shows how laser cutting machine tool machining there is an essential difference.

It is the use of laser beam from the laser emission, optical system, focused high power density laser beam irradiation, laser energy is absorbed by the material, the temperature rose sharply, after reaching a boiling point, material begins to vaporize and form holes, with high pressure air flow, along with the relative position of the beam and workpiece move, eventually forming the kerf. Process parameters of cutting (cutting speed, laser power and gas pressure) and the trajectories are controlled by CNC system, slotted in a slag be auxiliary gas blowing pressure.