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Preparation Of Cnc Milling Machine
- Oct 16, 2017 -

1. Must be familiar with the general performance, structure, driving principle and control procedures of CNC milling machine before operation, and master the functions and operating procedures of each operation button, indicator light.

Do not operate and adjust the machine tool until the whole operation is understood.

2, before start the machine, to check whether the machine electrical control system is normal, unblocked, oil lubrication system are in good condition, and to add the lubricating oil required by the regulation, the operating handle is correct, artifacts, clamp and cutter is no clamping and firm, check whether the coolant is enough, then a slow-moving idling 3 ~ 5 minutes, check whether the transmission parts is normal, after confirmed trouble-free, can normal use.

3. After the program debugging is completed, the instructor must agree to follow the steps and not allow the steps to be performed.

Without the permission of the teacher, operate or violate the rules without authorization, the result shall be processed in zero, causing the accident person to be punished according to the relevant regulations and compensate for the corresponding loss

4. Before machining parts, must strictly check the machine tool origin, tool data is normal and perform no cutting trajectory simulation operation.