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One Of China’s Twenty-four Solar Terms-Stopping Of Heat(the Limit Of Heat)
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Today is Stopping of Heat*(the Limit of Heat), one of China's 24 solar terms.The Stopping of Heat means that it is about to enter the autumn of meteorological significance. After the summer, the temperature in the north of the Yellow River in China has gradually declined.

After Stopping of Heat, except for South China and Southwest China, the rainy season is coming to an end in most parts of China, precipitation is gradually decreasing, and rice is ripe for harvest. In particular, North China, Northeast China and Northwest China must pay close attention to water storage and conservation; in order to prevent drought during autumn, delay the sowing period of winter crops.thunderstorm.jpg

Weather Characteristics of Stopping of Heat

Temperature drop

Stopping of Heat, it is not enough to describe the temperature alone. Lower temperatures are only one of them. The reason behind this phenomenon is that the direct point of the sun will continue to move southward and the solar radiation will be weakened. Second, the subtropical high will retreat southward across the landslide. Mongolia's cold high pressure will begin to eagerly try, and the fists will be out.

Autumn is cool

Beginning to affect China's cold high pressure, under its control, the formation of the sinking, dry cold air, first announced the end of the rainy season in Northeast China, North China, and Northwest China, and took the lead in starting the best weather of the year -- Autumn is cool. During the summer, only the northeast and northwest regions actually entered the fall. But when cold air affects China, if the air is dry, it often brings windy weather. If there is warm and humid air in the atmosphere, it will often form a decent autumn rain. After the storm, especially after the rain, people will feel more obvious cooling. In the Jianghuai area in the southern part of the country, there may be a large precipitation process. The temperature dropped significantly, the temperature difference between day and night increased, and the sun was empty after the rain. People often did not adapt to the cold and hot changes at the turn of the summer and autumn. If they were accidentally, they would easily cause diseases such as respiratory tract, gastroenteritis and cold.

Autumn tiger

The subtropical high that dominated the summer, although striding south, will not easily retreat to the seas of the western Pacific. In the southern region it controls, people who have just felt a bit of cool autumn are often at the end of the summer and feel the hot weather again. This is a veritable "autumn tiger." For areas that have just gone out of the way and suffered severe drought, if they continue to be controlled by the subtropical high, it is easy to form a summer and autumn drought, so that the autumn fire prevention period is greatly advanced, and it is necessary to be vigilant. In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, it is often after the end of the autumn tiger weather that it will usher in the autumn of Xiaoyangchun, but it will be until October. During this period, the general trend of heavy rains across the country has weakened.

Thunderstorm activity is not as active as in summer, but there are still more thunderstorms in South China, Southwest China and West China.

During the Stopping of Heat, there were activities such as welcoming autumn, releasing river lights, opening fishing festivals, and splashing water.