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One Of China's 24 Solar Terms - Autumn Begins
- Aug 07, 2018 -

One of China’s twenty-four solar terms - the beginning of autumn

   Today is August 7th, 2018. This is one of China's twenty-four solar terms-Autumn begins.Autumn begins.jpg

   The beginning of autumn is the 13th solar terms in the 24th lunar calendar. This is the first solar term in the fall, marking the official start of the fall of Meng. Autumn begins usually takes place on the calendar of August 7 or 8, and the sun reaches 135 degrees of the Yellow River. Autumn begins marks the beginning of autumn, the temperature begins to fall, the grain is ripe, and farmers welcome the harvest season.

   Of course, the temperature drop is not immediate. It took another 10 days after Autumn begins officially started, and the most popular three days of the year officially ended. Therefore, about half a month after the start of the fall, the hot weather will continue, so there is the saying of "autumn tiger." However, after all, it is the beginning of autumn, and the cold weather is a big trend. The temperature difference between morning and evening begins to increase, and there is a coolness at night.

   Autumn is the harvest season, and the beginning of the fall indicates the beginning of the harvest and is one of the most important solar terms in the year. As a node for seasonal transformation, there are various sacrificial activities in the fall. In the folk, from life to diet, the content of folk customs is more abundant.

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