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New Year, New Start!
- Feb 14, 2019 -

New year, new start!

2018 has passed, we have also entered the road of 2019, we have grown up one year old, and how far away from your dreams, for AOL, our dream is to become one of the world's best cutting machine manufacturers In order to realize it, we are constantly striving for hard work. In the ten years of AOL development, we gradually transformed from laser cutting machine to intelligent blade cutting machine, making the cutting system more environmentally friendly, precise and fast. As one of the famous cutting machine manufacturers in China, AOL has been recognized by customers all over the world with good reputation.

In order to adapt to the changes in the global cutting industry, AOL has retained the laser feeding and cutting machine, intelligent blade cutting machine, laser marking machine and 3D crystal engraving machine. If you need to contact us actively, we will provide you with the most suitable cutting plan. .

Regardless of the good or bad of the past in the new year, let us maintain a positive attitude and welcome a better tomorrow!

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