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Laser Engraving Machine Shoe Upper Processing
- Mar 02, 2016 -

Advantages of laser processing in a wide variety of upper materials rapidly carving and hollowing out the pattern, because the laser processed non-contact processing method is, so does not have any on the upper outside deformation. It has high precision carving, hollowing out no Flash, processing of arbitrary shape and many other advantages.

However it is because of the high density laser energy characteristic, so laser cutting or laser cut uppers material, particularly light materials (such as white, beige, etc), or special materials (such as mirror materials), upper surface or inside, burned, or yellow-prone.

In order to prevent this phenomenon, at the time of production and processing, just needs to be some protection on the upper surface, the usual method:

First, stick protective film, be sure to post, snap, no bubble.

Second, some upper-soaked, this method is applied to certain materials.

Third, to adjust the laser processing parameters, method of using several small fires many times.

Using these three points are designed to prevent laser cut or laser cut uppers when high temperatures, burning upper surface or inside, and the necessary measures of protection. Come to experience in practice, users are welcome to laser processing valuable experience!