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Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. Training - Various Cutting Machines And Their Applicable Industries
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. Training - Various cutting machines and their applicable industries

   At 4 o'clock on the afternoon of July 25, 2018, in the company conference room, supervisors and sales personnel at all levels and above participated in the training. The training content is the industry of various cutting machines and their applications. Number of trainees: 15 people, training method: slide show.

   Content: Mr. Zhang, Chairman of Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., explains the various types of cutting machines and the industries in which they can be applied to the supervisors and sales personnel through slide projection, the materials that can be cut and the ones that can be cut. The materials are summarized so that the company personnel can have a more comprehensive understanding of the products and the materials processed in each industry, so that when we communicate with the customers, we can more accurately position the customers to what type of machines they really need, and seek truth from facts without giving customers. Bring unnecessary trouble.

From: Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.