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Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. Training - Factory Visit, Understand The Product
- Jul 21, 2018 -

At 10:00 on July 21, 2018, under the leadership of the company's foreign trade manager, the newly-introduced foreign trade operators went to the factory to visit and conduct product basic knowledge training. Number of trainees: 4 people, training method: instant visit and explanation.

Content: Under the leadership of the foreign trade manager, I visited the factory workshop and gave a training explanation on the machine model and the industries that can be applied to let the employees have a basic understanding of the machine. The workers in the operation room demonstrated the machine operation on site and let the employees understand. What are the materials that can be cut by round knife, pneumatic knife, vibrating knife and milling cutter.


 Factory workshop

讲解.jpg        工人对机器进行操作.jpg       对切割前进行的程序设置.jpg

Foreign trade manager explains products                     Technician debugging the machine                    Program settings before sample cutting  

现场演示切割机运作.jpg            切割样本.jpg

Sample cutting

                皮革切割.jpg            皮革切割样本成果.jpg                

Leather sample cutting 

Through training, each operating employee has a deeper understanding of the company's products, providing better materials for network operations and enhancing the company's brand confidence!

From: Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.