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General Techniques Of Laser Cutting Machine
- Mar 02, 2016 -

Is CO2 laser-beam focus on material with a focusing mirror surface melt material, also used compressed gases for laser beam coaxial blow away molten material, and laser beams and relative movement of material along a certain path, to form the shape of kerf. Since in the 1970 of the 20th century with the CO2 laser and continuous improvement and development of numerical control technology, has now become the industry an advanced processing method of cutting plates. As the main method for plate cutting cutting those: for plate by oxy-acetylene flame cutting material under the sheet using scissors, large quantities of complex parts forming by stamping, single vibration shear. After 70, in order to improve and enhance the flame cutting cutting quality, and ethylene oxide is extended precision plasma cutting and flame cutting. In order to reduce the large stamping die manufacturing cycles, and development of NC step punching and processing technologies. Various cutting methods have their disadvantages, in industrial production has a certain scope. Development and application of laser cutting machines are for modern industrial production improved and innovative breakthrough