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Do You Know The Frost Of One Of China's 24 Solar Terms?
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Do you know the frost of one of China's 24 solar terms?

The frost fell to one of the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar. Entering this solar terms, the weather became cold and began to have frost. The frost is generally on October 23 of the annual Gregorian calendar. At this time, the first frost appeared in the area along the Yellow River in China, and most of the areas were busy planting crops such as three wheat.

Every year around October 23 of the solar calendar, when the sun reaches 210 degrees of the Yellow River, it is the frost in the 24 solar terms. The frost is the last solar term in the fall and the transitional season from autumn to winter. In the autumn evening, there is a lot of heat on the ground, and the temperature suddenly drops below 0 degrees. The water vapor in the air directly condenses on the ground or on the plants to form fine ice needles, and some become hexagonal frost flowers, which are white in color and loose in structure.


Some places have to eat red persimmons, thinking that this can protect the cold and make up the bones. The old man of Quanzhou said: The frost will eat the persimmon, and it will not runny. In some places, it is said that the day of the frost will eat the scorpion, otherwise the lips will split in the winter.

Dietary health focuses on regulating the body's yin and yang according to the "sexual taste" of food, nourishing the internal organs and preventing diseases. Therefore, in traditional health education, food is also divided into different types according to its "sexual taste".

The frost is the last solar term in the autumn. At this time, the weather is getting colder, the autumn is dry, and the dryness is easy to hurt. Frost-reducing health should first pay attention to keeping warm, followed by anti-autumn dryness, and the amount of exercise can be appropriately increased. Diet and nursed back to health, at this time should be flat, pay attention to spleen and stomach, adjust liver and kidney, can eat more spleen and nourishing yin and dry food, corn, radish, chestnut, autumn pear, lily, honey, yam, milk cabbage Beef, chicken, loach, etc. are all good.


Chinese medicine experts pointed out that anti-autumn dryness, anti-autumn depression, and cold protection are the key points of health protection during the frost. Autumn dryness is characterized by dry mouth, dry lips, dry throat, constipation, dry skin and so on. Therefore, you should eat more sesame, honey, white fungus, green vegetables, apples, bananas, etc. The scene of chilling in the late autumn season is easy to cause people to worry, making people depressed and depressed. Should eat more high-protein foods, such as milk, eggs, lamb and beans; also participate in some recreational activities, such as song and dance, mountaineering and other collective activities. In addition, this season is not suitable for everyone "autumn frozen." For the elderly with poor resistance, they should pay attention to the weather in time, and increase or decrease the clothes on time to avoid the invasion of dampness and cold evil, leading to illness.