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China And The United States Decided To Stop Adding New Tariffs To Each Other
- Dec 03, 2018 -

On the evening of December 1, local time, President Xi Jinping and US President Trump met in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The relevant person in charge of the Chinese economic and trade team said that the two heads of state discussed the Sino-US economic and trade issues and reached a consensus. The two sides decided to stop the trade restrictions such as upgrading tariffs, including not raising the existing tariff rate for each other, and not introducing new tariff-adding measures for other commodities. The two heads of state instructed the economic and trade teams of the two sides to intensify consultations and reach an agreement to cancel the tariffs imposed this year and push bilateral economic and trade relations back to normal track as soon as possible to achieve a win-win situation.

AOL CNC sincerely hopes that the economies of China and the United States will develop together and ride the wind and waves in the overall situation of the global economy, and keep moving forward to achieve a win-win situation!

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