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AOL Work Summary Of 2015
- Jan 04, 2016 -

With the last bell of 2015, the new year of 2016 comes. All the families of AOL wish you happy new year and a good start in 2016! Thanks all the friends in the world for your witness to a glory year of AOL in 2015! We have to say, we cannot make it without the support of you friends! Thanks a lot!

With the effort of everyone in our big family, our sales of 2015 achieves 7 million dollars, and hopes to get 15 million dollars in the year of 2016. We built more than 10 service centers during the world in order to help our customers to better use our machine. We built a mordern and big factory for the better development of our company. We hold the belief  that quality is the first, and our workers are serious with every machine, who are always making the best machines for our customers.

In the new year of 2016, we will move forward to develop AOL's business, and let more people know the brand AOL in the world. Welcome you friends all over the world come to China to visit our factory, and your support is the power of us for a glory 2016! With hope, just do it!