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AOL National Day Holiday Is Over, Let You Wait!
- Oct 06, 2018 -

AOL National Day holiday is over, let you wait!

The October National Day holiday is over! First of all, I would like to say sorry to you here, because our holiday may not deal with everyone's problems in time! During the National Day holiday, AOL's family members went out to travel, and also went home to visit their parents. After all, some people left home to work in Jinan for a long time and didn't go home. Now it is the season of corn harvesting, and some go home to help Dad. Mom is harvesting corn, and here is a hard work for you and your moms and dads. The work is the most glorious. AOL is proud of you!

The National Day holiday is over. We lost the idea of lazy play and devoted ourselves to the work. If you need cutting machine products, please contact us in time. Whether it is laser cutting machine or intelligent blade cutting machine, AOL is professional, we will sincerely at your service!