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AOL Christmas Party! Feel The Western Culture In Laughter And Laughter!
- Dec 26, 2018 -

AOL Christmas party! Feel the Western culture in laughter and laughter!

At four o'clock yesterday afternoon, AOL CNC E-commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Trade jointly planned a Christmas party, and General Manager Zhang of AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. also participated.

We prepared a lot of snack drinks and fruits. First, the host introduced us to the origin of Christmas. Then General Manager Zhang played games with us and felt the charm of Western culture in laughter and laughter.

We respect the culture and belief of any country. After years of development and accumulation in the countries of the world, we have left a culture that suits us. As a world cultural country, China respects the culture of each country. We take its essence and go to its dross!

Christmas party