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Alibaba International Station Machinery And Equipment September Purchase Preheating Activities Began
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Alibaba International Station Machinery and Equipment September purchase preheating activities began!

It is about to arrive at the Alibaba International Station's procurement festival in September. Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., as a well-known cutting machine manufacturer in China, must not be absent! Before the official launch of the procurement festival in September, AOL participated in the special equipment pre-heating event for machinery and equipment in September!

AOL has a group of top talents with rich experience in development and application, specializing in the research and development of CNC cutting equipment. It relies on advanced technology and keeps up with the trend of industrial intelligent development in the world. Its products are spread all over the country and overseas markets. The main products include intelligent blade cutting. Machine, flexible material intelligent cutting machine, laser cutting machine, cloth leather cutting machine, high-tech composite material cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine and other flexible material cutting machine. Widely used in clothing, luggage, automotive interiors, fabric sofas, shoes, textiles, advertising, packaging, metal and other industries.

With ten years of development, AOL has won a good reputation among its customers with its high-quality products and excellent service, and has won the recognition of the industry. The procurement festival,AOL, prepared a surprise gift and the lowest price for all new and old customers to come to participate!

Activity time: 2018/08/13 00:00:00 ——2018/08/19 23:59:59 (Pacific Standard Time)

From: Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.