CNC Oscillating Knife Footwear Leather Cutting Machine

CNC Oscillating Knife Footwear Leather Cutting Machine

Features of CNC oscillating knife footwear leather cutting machine1.The CNC oscillating knife footwear leather cutting machine cuts with knife, so there is no burning or smell. Instead, the sample edge is smooth and the speed is fast.2.Recognizing system...

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Features of CNC oscillating knife footwear leather cutting machine

1.The CNC oscillating knife footwear leather cutting machine cuts with knife, so there is no burning or smell. Instead, the sample edge is smooth and the speed is fast.
2.Recognizing system. With a camera and projector the system can recognize the outline of each different leather, and it can also recognizing the flaws and dirty parts on the leather.
3.Auto nesting(Optional). Computer counts the best nesting, layout of each piece of pattern on the leather for cutting. Therefore, the material utilization will be improved to the maxmum. Saving material by 3%-8%.
4.Conveyor table(Optional). Both conveyor table, and static table are optional. With a conveyor table, material feeding, cutting, nesting and patterns picking can be finished continuously without stopping. Therefore. The effiency improves. 5.User friendly. This cutting machine was designed easy to install, set-up and operate. Within a 3-day training, a new operator can master the machine quite well.
6.Compatible. The plotter supports any design software which can output files in DXF or PLT formats (Such as AutoCAD, AI, CorelDraw).

7.Safety. Special safety sensory device meets the European standard.


Application of it

AOL CNC leather cutting machine is professional in leather cutting, especially for genuine leather cutting. 
It can be widely applied to industries as footwear, shoes, garment, hat, gloves, bags and wallets, belts, chairs, furniture, etc.
Besides genuine leather, this cutting machine is also very capable of cutting some other soft materials, such as: PU, faux leather, cloth, Oxford fabric, PVC, rubber, EVA, even shoes insole, and so on. 


Advantages of this machine

1. Material saving. 3%-8% improved.

2. Labor saving. 3-4 labors saved.
3. Time saving. 3 times faster when compared with manual work.
4. Management saving. Easy to manage.
Parameters of CNC oscillating knife footwear leather cutting machine

Cutting Speed Maximum straight line cutting speeding up to 1200mm/s
Cutting Thickness Max. 6mm
Processing Material Genuine leather, synthetic leather, PVC leather, cardboard, carbon fiber, aramid fiber etc.
Hold Method Vacuum absorption
Machine Language HP-GL / GP-GL
Interface Ethernet port
Accuracy Less than 0.1mm
Available Tools Vibration knife, pen and holes punching
Vibration Knife Electronic, driven by Swiss high frequency motor (18000rotate/min)
Cutting Features Possible to finish full-cut, kiss-cut and dotted-line cut interactively
Voltage Machine, 220V-60Hz; suction ventilator, 380V-50Hz. 

Warranty & after sale service
1.One year guarantee for whole machine except of consumables such as knife blade, mat.
2. A free training at our company
3. 24 hours technical support
4. Calling or door-to-door service
5. User friendly English software, usual manual and videos.   


Our company

AOL is one of the famous professional CNC oscillating knife footwear leather cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China,CNC oscillating knife footwear leather cutting machine price is right.

Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company integrating cutting machine production R & D services, specializing in laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, intelligent blade cutting machine, laser marking machine design, production, sales and other services, our products and the service application industry is extensive, and the products have been welcomed by more than 80 countries and regions.


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