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What should I do if the plaid shirt, the plaid shirt, the pattern and the texture are not cut when the garment is cut?
- Jan 11, 2019 -

What should I do if the plaid shirt, the plaid shirt, the pattern and the texture are not cut when the garment is cut?For this kind of problem, AOL cutting machine to help you solve.

1. It is specially tailored for clothing pattern making and small batches of clothing fabrics, especially for custom clothing.

2. The effective cutting width is 1600mm*2500mm, and any pattern can be cut in this format. The slit is smooth without flash, automatic closing and no deformation.

3. It adopts the crawler type working platform design and has the function of negative pressure adsorption to ensure the flatness of the cut fabric.

4. Unique manual and automatic interactive typesetting software function, can improve the fabric utilization rate, and has the functions of pattern making, copy board, grading and so on, convenient and practical.

The 5.5-inch LCD screen displays the numerical control operating system and supports multiple data transmission modes. It can be operated online or offline.

6. The database can be built in the online computer, easy to operate with the cut, no need for cardboard, avoiding paper cost and room occupancy.

7. Optional automatic feeding system with rectification function, continuous automatic cutting while achieving precise feeding. In the case of continuous feeding and cutting, it is also possible to perform a full-page full-cutting of a long typesetting of a single typesetting length exceeding the cutting width after typesetting.

8. Add projection system, large automatic identification system and copy board system to automatically identify building materials for checkered and printed clothing.

Plaid shirt, check shirt, pattern, texture is not good to cut, then come to consult AOL!

Email: aollaser20@aollaser.com

Applicable materials and industry:

Suitable for cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other textile and apparel fabrics.

Suitable for professional wear, suits, dresses, printed clothing, sportswear, pair of clothing, light summer dress and other custom and small-volume clothing industry.

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