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Today's market leather cutting puzzles and the most perfect leather cutting solutions
- Dec 12, 2018 -

Today's market leather cutting puzzles and the most perfect leather cutting solutions

1. Laser cutting produces a strong smell of smoke, and the material is pasted.

The laser cutting machine is a highly integrated equipment integrating light, machine and electricity. It has high technology content. Compared with traditional machining, laser cutting machine has higher processing precision and better flexibility, which is beneficial to improve material utilization and reduce product cost. To reduce the burden on workers, for the manufacturing industry, it can be said that it is a technological revolution. However, when the laser cutting machine cuts, it will produce a large smell of smoke, and the cut material will produce a paste, which not only pollutes the environment, but most importantly, it will cause harm to people's health.

2. Traditional cutting materials waste serious, increase production costs and reduce corporate profits.

AOL has introduced intelligent blade cutters for these problems.

①In the precise cutting, it will not produce harmful gas and paste.

②And added the over-cut optimization function: using AOL's self-developed CAM software to optimize tool overcutting, reduce material waste and improve material utilization. Continuous cutting system: intelligent material discharge for continuous cutting and optional receiving table.

③Tool quick change module: simple and efficient tool holder quick change system, making the operation easier and more convenient, and can also punch holes while cutting leather! If you need it, hurry and contact us!

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