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The safe use of metal-cutting machine tools
- Mar 02, 2016 -

First, operators must pass examinations, holds the machine's operating certificate may operate the machine.

Second, working carefully to:

1, carefully read the notes of shift, about a group of machine functioning and problems.

2, inspection machines, benches, Rails and main slip surfaces, such as obstructions, tools, scrap iron, impurities, must be cleaned, wipe clean and oiled.

3, check, Rails and the main slip surfaces are not new, research, bruising, if shall inform the shift leader or with a device to view and make records.

4, check the safety protection, brake (stop), limiting and reversing apparatus should be complete in good condition.

5, inspection of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, handles, valves, switches and so on should be in the non-working position.

6, check the position of the tool is not working.

7, check the electrical distribution box should be closed, and electrical ground.

8, check the amount of oil lubrication system oil parts shall comply with the requirements of close is good. Oil, oil, oil cups, window nozzle, oil lines, such as linoleum, tubing and the oil should be complete in good condition, properly installed. Follow the lubrication instructions chart provides for manual fuel or motor (hand) pumps Polish, view oil window is to oil.

9, stopping more than one class of the machine should be used according to specification and the hydrostatic device provided (see Appendix I) procedures and requirements for empty running of driving test 3-5 minutes. Scrutineering.