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The role of metal-cutting machine tools
- Mar 02, 2016 -

Metal-cutting machine tools are cutting, grinding or machining methods and processing a variety of metal work, so that it obtains the required geometry of machine tools, dimensional accuracy and surface quality (hand-held). Classification of various machine tools, metal-cutting machine tools are most widely used, the largest number of machine tools ' category, so it is often narrowly refers only to machine tools for metal-cutting machine tool products.

Metal cutting processes are carried out by cutting the workpiece cutting layers. In the process of cutting, cutter blade from the workpiece to be machined in a single pass cut the metal layer on the surface, known as cutting. Cutting section called cutting parameters. In addition, the cutting-back knife required to introduce an important concept in AP, for cylindrical turning, it refers to the machined surface and the vertical distance between the surface.