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The industry in which the blade cutter is suitable and the type of blade used
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Vibration knife cutting machine (smart blade cutting machine) for the industry and the type of blade used

1. Sound insulation and thermal insulation materials: vibrating knives, pneumatic knives and beveling knives for soundproofing materials; round knives, vibrating knives and pneumatic knives for insulating materials.
2. Furniture home textile industry: sofa, fabric sofa with circular knife cut, leather sofa and leather sofa with vibrating knife; bedding such as quilt blanket, etc. with circular knife, curtain with vibrating knife, tablecloth with vibrating knife and bevel ; round knives and vibrating knives for carpet mats; vibrating knives for office furniture leather seats, office sofas, etc.
3. Composite materials: round knife for composite fabric, vibrating knife or round knife for composite leather; vibrating knife for composite foot pad; round knife or vibrating knife for carbon fiber and carbon fiber prepreg; pneumatic knife for carbon felt; basalt fiber and aromatic Round knife vibrating knife for rayon fiber; high-power vibrating knife and pneumatic knife for asbestos gasket; vibrating knife for rubber gasket.
4. Packaging and printing industry: corrugated paper with vibrating knife and bevel; vibration knife for honeycomb board and chamfering and high-power vibrating knife; vibrating knife for vertical corrugated board and chamfering and high-power vibrating knife; pneumatic knife or vibration for foam sponge Knife.
5. KT plate with vibrating knife and beveling; PP paper with dragging knife; Foaming plate with vibrating knife and milling cutter; Acrylic milling cutter; Car sticker with drag and half cutter; Textile round knife and high power round knife ; Sweeping knife and half cut for reflective materials; milling cutter for aluminum composite panel; milling cutter for aluminum composite panel; dragging knife and milling cutter for ABS board; vibrating knife, dragging knife and pressure roller for cardboard; dragging knife and vibration for plastic Knife MDF board MDF with milling cutter.