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Metal-cutting machine tool Shaper
- Mar 02, 2016 -

Shaper in single and small batch production and is widely used in the repair process. Its main parameter is a length of Max.

When cutting, clamping the workpiece against the work surface. Table along the vertical guide rails for moving up and down, along the beam rail for horizontal movement, adjustment for tool location. Planer tool clamping on the turret, RAM level along the bed rails as a reciprocating movement, forming the main movement. Feed motion are in air travel through ratchet mechanism of intermittent turning move the table moves along the beam horizontal guide to achieve. Shake head at the top of the handle adjustable depth of engagement, or implement manual vertical plane side (or oblique) feed. Speed, feed speed, stroke length of the primary campaign and the start and end position of motion, can be adjusted using the appropriate handles.

In air travel, and to prevent the friction between the tool and the workpiece will be planing lift, trip, fall by gravity or magnetic devices needed reset again.

Shaper cutter must realize the plane inclined plane around its horizontal axis.