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Lubrication characteristics of metal-cutting machine tools
- Mar 02, 2016 -

1. the main parts of the machine is typical of the mechanical parts, standardized, universal, series of high degree. Such as sliding bearings, roller bearings, gears, worm gear, rolling and sliding Rails, spiral gearing (lead screw and nut), clutches, hydraulic systems, cam, and so on, different lubrication.

2. the environmental conditions of use of the machine. Machines are usually installed in the indoor environment, ambient temperature up to 40 ° c in summer, winter temperature below 0 ° c heating mode when the ambient temperature is higher than 5-10, high-precision machine tools requires constant temperature air conditioning environment, usually in the 20 c from top to bottom. But since many machine tool precision and a higher degree of automation, the viscosity of the lubricant, antioxidant (life) and the cleanliness of the oil requirements are more stringent.

3. the working conditions of the machine. Different types and sizes of machines, even on the same machine as the work-piece is different, work conditions are very different. The lubrication requirements vary. For example high speed grinding wheel spindle bearing and heavy lathe heavy-duty, low-speed spindle bearing lubrication and lubricants for the requirements are very different. Which requires oil mist or oil/air lubrication systems lubrication, use a lower viscosity oil, while the latter need or pressure circulation lubrication system oil bath lubrication, use a higher viscosity oil.

4. lubricants and lubricating cooling fluid adaptability of paints and varnishes, rubber seals, and so on. On most machines use the lubricating coolant, lubrication, often mixed with the coolant and oil emulsion and metamorphic and the proper rust, rubber seal swelling deformation, surface paint coating blistering, peeling off. Should therefore consider lubricating and lubricating cooling fluid paints and varnishes, rubber seals, adaptation, prevention of oil spills, etc. Especially with the automation of machine tools increased in some automation and numerical control machine tool using the universal oil lubrication/cooling, not only for oil, can also be used as lubricating cooling fluid.