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Laser cutting machine for automatic feed operations
- Mar 02, 2016 -

1. compliance with General cutting machine for safe operation. In strict accordance with the laser Launcher launch lasers. 

2. operators must be trained and familiar with structure, properties, control operating system knowledge.

3. wear protective appliances as required, close to the laser beam must be worn in accordance with prescribed safety glasses.

4. do not make clear whether a material by laser irradiation or heating before, not on its processing, so as to avoid potential risk of fumes and vapors.

5. the device is actuated the operator shall leave the post or trustee tubes, as indeed should be shut down or cut off the power switch when you need to leave.

6. where to place fire extinguishers in hand; not when to turn off the laser or optical gates for not without protective laser beams placed near paper, cloth or other flammable material.

7. in the course of processing when an exception is found, should be immediately shut down, troubleshooting or escalation managers in a timely manner.

8. keep the lasers, the bed and the surrounding venues clean and tidy, orderly and free of oil, parts, sheet metal, waste piled up according to stipulations.

9. when using gas cylinders, avoid bad welding wire to prevent leakage accident. Gas cylinders the use and transportation of gas cylinders shall comply with rules. Prohibit gas cylinder prolonged sun exposure in the Sun or near a heat source. When you open the bottle valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth.

10. maintenance to comply with the safety regulations for high pressure. Working 40 hours a week, or maintenance, maintenance every 1000 running hours or every six months, to be carried out in accordance with the rules and procedures.