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Hazard factors of metal-cutting machine tools

Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 02, 2016

Machine hazard refers to the relative motion of machine tool components on the human body collision, between, shearing, harmful forms of hazardous factors such as volume one.

1) stationary components risk factors

(1) the cutting and the blade;

(2) highlight a long mechanical parts;

(3) edged blanks, tools and equipment to fly part edges and surface roughness;

(4) cause slip fall work.

2) hazard single rotating part of the rotating parts: shafts bumps and holes grinding tools and cutting tools.

3) is rotated within the bite

(1) to the rotating parts of the bite;

(2) the moving part of the rotating parts and Cheng Qie line occlusion;

(3) part and a fixed part of the bite.