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Common failure of metal-cutting machine tools
- Mar 02, 2016 -

(1) poor grounding equipment, leakage, lighting did not adopt the safe voltage and electric shock accident.

(2) rotate parts of wedge, peg, and without protective cover, easy to foul the body.

(3) to remove iron without special tools, the operator did not wear goggles, thorns cut accidents and collapsing hurt eye.

(4) processing slender shaft end without bending device or carrier, leaving long left wounded people.

(5) parts and components to install a card not in prison, can fly out the injured people.

(6) protective safety devices, barriers, protection covers failure or maintenance not in time, causing twisted hurt, run over.

(7) the wheel there are cracks or fixing irregularities and wheel fragments wounding incident occurred.

(8) operation rotate wearing gloves, prone to drift holder.