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Characteristics of CO2 laser cutting machine
- Sep 18, 2017 -

1) Full flight optical structure, integrated design. The machine is easy to install and transport. There is no special requirements of the ground, a variety of layout to meet the different requirements of the customer site;

2) laser generator using advanced dual thermal resistance system, the pulse module directly by the CNC control, low power consumption and maintenance costs;

3) CO2 laser cutting machine cutting the entire processing area of good quality, slices easy to collect a wide range of processing areas, easy to detect, operation;

4) the latest Z32 real-time control system with dynamic and geometric shockproof function, all-digital servo drive with fiber connection, remote auxiliary function;

5) The air control system can automatically replace the three auxiliary gases. High pressure gas design, improve the cutting capacity of stainless steel and other difficult cutting materials. New high-pressure cutting head with anti-collision protection. New 5 "and 7.5" focusing lens quick replacement system (fully meet the high quality cutting of sheet and sheet);

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