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Advantages and application industry of AOL-D30 laser marking machine
- Jul 30, 2018 -



1.Using imported lasermodule,the outputpower is stable,itcan exacly control the spot stze and deph

2.Adopt air cooling system,it is smart and portative.

3.Very long using life around 100000 hours,energy conservation.

4.Maintenance Free,save equipment and worker cost;

5.Higher photoelectric conversion efficiency,Low power consumption;

6.Red light preview,more accurate and reduce positioning time;

7.Laptop with Powerful marking software;

8.User friendly software interface,easy operation;

9.Set and deal different layers graphic separately;

10.Support PLT,PCX,AL,DXF,BMP,JPG formats file;

11.Compatible AutoCAD,CorelDraw,Photoshop etc software Automatic serialization,date coding letter,symbol,pattern,figure,image,bar code,2D code auto arrangement and amendment.



AOL Fiber laser marking machine can mark on metal and a variety of non-metallic materials,especially suitable for some

occasions of detailed requirements and high precision.It is used in electronic components,hardware tools,accessories,

integrated circuit(IC),electrical appliances,mobile communications,precision instruments,spectacles and clocks,

jewelry,auto parts,plastic buons,construction material,PVC pipe,medical equipment and other industries.


Metals and alloys (iron,copper,aluminum,magnesium,zinc and all other metals),plastics,rare metals and aloys (gold,

silver,titanium),metal oxides (metal oxide may be),special surface treatment(Phosphatize,aluminum anodizing,

electroplating the surface),ABS material(electrical appliances shell,daily necessities),ink(translucent keys,print

products),epoxy resin(electronic components,packaging,insulation layer).etc.