metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine for metal, stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, wood and other materials

Jinan AOL CNC equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the professional metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy our metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine from Jinan and check the price with us. AOL1390 Feature 1,The integration of high strength frame...

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Product Details

AOL is one of the famous metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China,metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine price is right.

Application of metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine

Stainless steel,carbon steel,mild steel,galvanized sheet,rubber,plastic,cloth ,leather , acrylic,MDF,plastic,bamboo,woollens ,organic glass ,tile,jade ,bamboo,wood ,rubber,etc. 


Features of metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine

1,The integration of high strength frame type lathe bed structure, good rigidity, ensures the high stability of the equipment.

2,Guide rail base with high precision gantry , and adopts imported linear guide rail, installation and debugging adopt precision collimator test, ensure the high speed and high precision.

3,A new advanced design, unique closed constant light path structure.

4,The follow-up on smoking and smoke exhaust system, under high power exhaust more thoroughly.

5,The mixture of machine cutting ability: for stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, and the board can be cut.

6,Machine precision: imported servo, with imports of ball screw transmission, greatly improves the response speed and precision equipment, prolong the service life of the product.

7,The constant light path system: this machine adopts the constant light path system, for the first time realized the full width and high precision cutting.

Parameters of metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine



Working Area


Working Table


Working speed


Laser Type

Sealed co2 laser tube

Laser Power


Positioning Accuracy

±0.05mm(without red dot)

Image Format Supported


Cooling System

Constant temperature water cooling and protecting system

Power Supply

AC220±10%,50-60Hz,30A max

Driving Motor

Stepper motor

Working Temperature


Working Humidity


Smoke Exhausting

By Funnel

Auxiliary cutting gas

Nitrogen,oxygen or air

Our company

AOL is one of the famous professional metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China,metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine price is right.If you want to buy a metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine, please contact us.

Jinan AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company integrating cutting machine production R&D services, specializing in laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, vibrating knife cutting machine, laser marking machine design, production, sales and other services, our products And the service application industry is extensive, and the products have been welcomed by more than 80 countries and regions.



Q1: How to choose the machine that I want?

AOL provides information consulting about product, price, technology and industry solutions for customers at anytime via network, telephone, letter and door to door.

Q2: When I got this machine, but I don’t know how to use it. What should I do?

AOL provides free installation, commissioning and training for users’ technicists, ensures that uses can get familiar with operation methods and put machines into use as soon as possible;

Q3: If some problems happen to this machine,what should I do? 

AOL provides one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Free repair for mechanical failure and parts damage (no human factors and force majeure factors) under warranty (replacement parts except wearing parts are provides by HGLASER free of charge). Charging at cost when out of warranty;"

Q4: How can we choose suitable laser machine?

 1) What is your reuqested max working area, X:___mm, Y:___mm?  

 2)  What mainly job you do ? Only engrave, cut or both ?

 3) What  kind are  your materials, metal or non-metal, what are they?

Q5: How to choose the working table? Which one is better? Honeycomb table or blade table?

Honeycomb table is suitable for thin material, like fabric, paper, adhesive sticker,etc.

Blade table is suitable for thick material, like acrylic, MDF, wood, etc.

Q6: Where is your factory located?  How can I visit there? 

A: Our factory is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China, about 1 hours from

 Beijing, 2 hours from Shanghai and 2.5 hours from Guangzhou. Welcome to visit us.

Q7: Can you do OEM?

A: Yes, we can do OEM products. It's no problem.

Q8: Why chosse AOL?

Experience---10years manufacturing and exporting experience.

Multi-kind Machines o2 laser engraving cutting machine,Metal laser cutting machine,Fiber laser machine,

Laser marking machine,CNC router etc.

Certifications—CE,ISO9001,FDA etc.

Service professional sales team, promptly service for you online; 

professional after-sale service engineers, Door to door service for you.

Factory Price-Competitive price and the consummation training service

Agents and customers are in  all over the world. We have branch in different countries and cities.

Q9: What’s the package?

Water-proof plastic film package with foam protection in each corner.

Solid Seaworthy Wood Box Package with Steel Belt.

Save space as much as possible for container loading.


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