Big Size Mix Laser Cutting Machine For Metal And Nonmetal

big size mix laser cutting machine for metal and nonmetal Metal cutting: stainless steel, carbon steel, iron. Nonmetal cutting:acrylic, wood, Mdf, plywood, plastic etc.

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Product Details

Features of big size mix laser cutting machine for metal and nonmetal

1. High processing efficiency, hand-engraved version of the 10 to 15 times; high precision, low cost, good printing results;
2. Mechanical structure optimization design, the smallest overall size, not only save your valuable space, and the structure should not be deformed high precision cutting.
3. Taiwan imported square-shaped linear guide, life can reach more than 20 years
4. Unique exhaust system to effectively protect the laser head, so that the maintenance of the laser head more convenient
5. US imports of lenses to focus after the laser beam stronger and more detailed.
6. The use of patented technology to rubber sculpture better, not easy to burn paste
7. Genuine micro-engraving laser engraving software, powerful; carving cutting can be carried out at the same time; provide free upgrade service
8. The front and rear direction of the material can be put into the whole board, without cutting.

Big size mix laser cutting machine for metal and nonmetal Application

1. Printing and packaging industry: rubber version of laser engraving cutting, laser engraving and cutting paper products.
2. Craft gift industry: crystal engraving, bamboo laser engraving, wood engraving book laser engraving, mahogany laser engraving, color plate engraving, box-shaped crafts laser engraving, laser engraving board, marble carving.
3. Advertising industry: plexiglass laser engraving (cutting), two-color plate sculpture, all kinds of plaque laser production.
4. Leather clothing industry: all kinds of leather, clothing, fabric textiles patterns, artificial leather cutting and engraving and cutting patterns.
5. The model industry: building model crossed, ABS board cutting, aerial model slices, wood cutting and engraving.
6. Stone (tombstone) industry: marble, granite on the photo and text carving.
7. Studio industry: in the album, photo paper, plexiglass, acrylic, wood carving on the photo, making special effects album.

8. Metal industry: stainless steel, carbon steel, iron.

Parameters of big size mix laser cutting machine for metal and nonmetal




Working Area



Laser Power

150W / 280W

Laser Type

CO2 Sealed Laser Tube for laser cutter,10.6μm

Cooling Type

Water Cooling

Engraving Speed


Cutting Speed


Laser Output Control

0-100% set by software

Min. Engraving Size

Chinese: 2.0mm*2.0mm, English Letter: 1.0mm*1.0mm

Highest Scanning Precision


Locating Accuracy


Controlling Software

Ruida Control System for laser cutting machine

Graphic Format Supported


Compatible Software


Drive System

High-precision 3-phase Stepper Motor

Spare parts

Exhaust Fan and Air Exhaust Pipe for laser cutting machine

Power Supply


Working Environment

Temperature:0-45C,Humidity 5-95%(No Condensate Water)

Samples of big size mix laser cutting machine for metal and nonmetal

150W laser cutting machine for stainless steel 1.5mm.jpg

Our Package Advantages:

1. Our Wooden Case is after fumigation treatment.Needn’t timber inspection,saving shipping time.

2. All the spare parts of the machine were bovered by some soft materials,mainly using Pearl Wool. Avoiding all damages that could happen in the delivery process.Then we’ll covered plastic wrap out it tightly,make sure intact of the covered soft materials,also avoiding Waterproof and rust proof.

3. The outmost is Wooden Case With Fixed Formwork.

4. The bottom of the wooden case has firm iron jack,convenient to Handling and transport.


Our service

AOL is one of the famous professional big size mix laser cutting machine for metal and nonmetal manufacturers and suppliers in China,big size mix laser cutting machine for metal and nonmetal price is right.

1. Maintenance free of charge for 1 year.

2.We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price. 

3.24 hours online service, free technical support.

4.Machine has been adjusted before delivery, operation disk is included in the delivery. If there is  any other questions, pls kindly tell me.

5.We have manual instruction and CD (Guiding Videos) for software Installation, operation and machine's using and maintenance.


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