Australian Leather Shoe Cutting Machine

Features of Australian leather shoe cutting machine 1.The machine is especially designed for garment industry, it can do accurate cutting on different kinds of textile fabrics in random figure. 2.Adopt medium size crawler-type working table and negative pressure absorb conveyor, to ensure the...

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Features of Australian leather shoe cutting machine

1.The machine is especially designed for garment industry, it can do accurate cutting on different kinds of textile fabrics in random figure.

2.Adopt medium size crawler-type working table and negative pressure absorb conveyor, to ensure the smooth of the material when do cutting.

3.Mechanical parts with imported rack, gear transmission system, to ensure high precision working in high speed . when equipped with automatic feeding system, can realize the continuous automatic cutting of fabric in rolls.

4.Widely used in various kinds of textile and apparel fabrics, especially seamless bonding fabric, suitable for garment production enterprises.

5.Adopting the internationally advanced DSP control technology,it is the pioneer of fast continously curving-cut and shortcut processing pathway.Therefore,it increases greatly the effciency.It automatically replenishes the diminishing of light during the whole operating to ensure the same cutting effect in different areas。High-speed cutting control software and buffer function in high-speed movement can improve production efficiency.

6.The up-to-date software provides the direct output of original pictures,and completely fits the graph formats such as CAD,CAM of CAD,CoreDRAW software,to meet the practical design requirements of the end users.The advanced colours and the turns of the cutting can realize the one-time output completely or partially.

7.The machine uses USB port equipped with large-capacity internal memory to transmit data, improving working speed and effciency greatly.


Application of Australian leather shoe cutting machine

The leather, cloth anticipates, rubber, fabric, textile, PU, plastics, paper, bag clothing, shoe etc. most of nonmetal materials.

Auto feeding laser cutting machine is applicable to printed brand,electronic panel,mask,textile brand(woven label),cutting after embroidering of embroidery and such multitudinous industrializations application.

Suitable for aerospace technology, aircraft manufacturing, rocket manufacturing, robot manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, ship manufacturing, sheet metal cutting, kitchen furniture, electronic components, automotive parts, cooling, and ventilation pipes, signs, metal and other metal parts processing industry

Fabrics, acrylic, leather, paper, bamboo and wood, MDF, film, canvas, perspex,etc.

Crafts and stone engraving, garments sampling, large width tailoring, leather industry, shoemaking, decoration, furniture, advertisement, packing and printing, model industry, craftwork and gift, etc.


Advantages of Australian leather shoe cutting machine

1.Heavy body more steady dificult deformation and protect tust

2.Support U-doownload data,supportoffline。

3.3 unique protection functions:anti-interference function,water-protective function,and power cut offer function.

4.Pass-through front and rear doors to accommodate long work pices.

5.Function one machine can cut、engraving & scan.

6.Emergency stop (curn off the machine immediately when there is an acciden).

7. color layer seting(change the working sped and power by using color seting)

8.Have fine cutting and engraving effect and price advantage.

9.large internal memory capacity improves the working speed with greater


10.aluminum stip shape platform can bear heavier materials.such as actylic、

wood、mdf、etc nonmetal material。homeycomd platform suitable for leather、frabic、paper.etc light material. can make delicate and complicated designs on acrylic,wood ,plexiglass,avoid polishing-processing high speed,&high precision.

Parameters of Australian leather shoe cutting machine

Working area1800mm*3000mm
Transmitting SystemMovable gantry,middle driving
Max.Cutting Speed50m/min
Positioning accuracy±0.1mm
Working power supplyAC220V±10%50HZ
X/Y Positional Accuracy0.1mm/m
Total power2KVA-3KVA
Applied MaterialsThin carbon steel,stainless steel(0.5-2.0mm)     30mm acrylic and other non-metal materials

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AOL is one of the famous Australian Leather Shoe Cutting Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China,Australian Leather Shoe Cutting Machine price is right.

1、All of our machine will be full-checked and tested by our quality control department before shipment.

2、Lifetime technology maintenance in free and spare parts supply.

3、Free training. our engineer can speak English.

4、If you need, our engineer can offer door-to-door service.

5、24 hours technical supported.

6、We will offer ‘instruction books’, “Operation Manual” and “Training Video” to you. Which is easily understand.

7、We also will offer online face by face training, from our special software, our engineer can control machine computer and machine to show you step by step."


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